f-tree Ver. 2.0

A novel automated questionnaire-based pedigree chart creation software

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ABOUT f-tree

f-tree has been mutually developed by Clinical Genetics Department of Iwate Medical University and Holonic Systems Ltd.
An earlier version of the tool, f-tree Ver. 1.1.5, is available at http://iwate-megabank.org/en/genetic/as a freeware program for the general public.
f-tree is a registered trademark (5777066) with patent pending (2015-192113) in Japan.
It will work on the Adobe AIR. We tested it on the MAC OS X / Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10.
A video,explaining the usage of f-tree Ver. 1.1.5, is available on TOGO TV.
Produced by Dr. H. Ono and Dr. H. Bono of Database Center.



We exhibited f-tree at ICHG2016  13th International Congress of Human Genetics.
The Book "Let's study the Clinical Genetics with f-tree; the Automated Pedigree Chart Creating Software." is now on sale by publishers CHUGAI-IGAKUSHA.
Let's study the Clinical Genetics with f-tree; the Automated Pedigree Chart Creating Software.



f-tree is a software application that automatically creates a medical pedigree chart for a family by simply using the family's information, which is provided in the questionnaires.
No specialized knowledge of clinical genetics is required to use f-tree.
f-tree Ver. 2.0 is fully compliant with international recommendations for standardized human pedigree nomenclature.
f-tree is the foremost tool, at present, capable of creating pedigree charts for genetic counseling.
The application of f-tree is not limited to only heredity clinics, but ranges from secondary education to genome cohort studies that handle large volumes of data.



Sample pedigree charts using f-tree Ver.2.0.
  • f-tree Ver.2.0 List of symbols
  • Case 1: Marfan syndrome (autosomal dominant inheritance)
  • Case 2: Lynch syndrome (autosomal dominant inheritance)
  • Case 3: Phenylketonuria (autosomal recessive inheritance)
  • Case 4:Duchenne muscular dystrophy(X-linked inheritance)
  • Pedigree of the fictional family of Harry Potter from the J. K. Rowling Harry Potter series, partially modified
  • The ultimate pedigree challenge, partially modified from Bennett RL et al., 1995

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